7 Benefits of Email Marketing

Here at Whiteboard Studio, we believe that email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. The ability to manage your contacts and send correspondence will help you maintain regular contact with your audience.

Here are 7 benefits of using an email marketing software:


1. Stay Organized

Email Marketing software will help you organize your current network of contacts. You’ll be able to organize existing clients, past clients, potential clients, association members, networking contacts and more. Because you’ll most likely have different messages for different types of contacts.


2. Visually Appealing

Any reputable email marketing software will give you the ability to deign an email newsletter template to match your current branding standards. Colours, logos, layout are all critical elements that should be kept consistent in any of your marketing efforts.


3. Capture Visitors

One of the biggest advantages of using an email marketing software is the ability to capture visitors on your website. An email marketing software will allow your website visitors to enter their contact information and automatically be added to your newsletter subscription list.


4. Schedule and Send

They say timing is everything, and this is especially true with email. Your email success rate can vary dramatically depending on the time of day, and even day of the week that your email is sent. You can event schedule your email to be sent when you’re away from your desk and event out of the country!


5. Monitor Results

Now that you’ve send your email you’ll want to monitor the results. Looking at details such as open rates, click-throughs and unsubscribes are all critical when analyzing your email metrics. Furthermore, comparing these metrics to industry averages will help you benchmark your efforts.


6. Follow-Up Strategy

Now that you’ve sent your email, having a follow-up plan is imperative to success. Looking at who opened your email will help you target those that are most interested in your products and/or services.

Here’s a perfect example that everyone can relate to – and if there is anything you take away from this article, this should be it:

Everyone prospects for new clients on a regular basis. The key is to prospect those potential clients who have an interest in your offering. When you send email through an email marketing software you’ll be able to monitor who opens your email and which links they have clicked in your newsletter. For example, if you have a special offer or discount to share then it would make the most sense to follow up with only those who have clicked that link.

This may seem like common sense, but it’s still hard to believe that people prospect in many traditional ways and often comment of unsatisfactory results.


7. Privacy Compliance

Lastly, and probably the most needed benefit is compliance with all privacy regulations. For example, did you know that when sending email to large groups (mass-email marketing) it is the law to have a “one-click” unsubscribe button at the bottom of your email? A reputable email marketing company will automatically include this in your email and ensure your audience knows that you respect their privacy when sending email.


We hope this article helps you better understand the basic of getting started with a good email marketing strategy. Here at Whiteboard, we have partnered with Constant Contact, the world’s leader in email marketing services. With over 500,000 clients worldwide, Constant Contact is the perfect company to work with. And now that we’re a certified local Constant Contact Partner we can help you get set up with strategic email marketing plan.

For more information visit: whiteboardstudio.constantcontact.com

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