Account Planning

We’ll help you plan a strategic and effective annual marketing plan.

Great results are often derived from great account planning. Though we take pride in making exceptional creative work, we also make sure our planning abilities are as refined as possible. We can help you accomplish your goals with a well-planned marketing strategy and always stay within your budget.

Proper account planning will help you analyze the marketing you’re currently doing and introduce new initiatives into your marketing plan. Analyzing these metrics in detail and forecasting on an annual basis will help you stay focused. Because when you’re account planning needs are met you can stay focused on the day-to-day duties of running your business and minimize distraction.

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The first and most critical step in account planning is to define your objectives. Your objective may include sales, profit, goodwill, operations and more. If we know what your goals are we can stay focused and avoid any distractions along the way. We can help you by setting up a detailed strategy session to brainstorm and determine your business objectives.


Once your objectives are clearly defined we’ll define the message to be used in your marketing efforts. Knowing and maintaining a consistent message in any marketing initiative is critical. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that your account planning initiatives always coincide with the brand messaging that we define.


You’ve got a big, bold idea, but executing on that idea within budget is key. Your budget will determine what you’ll be able to do with your campaign. Good account planning will not only analyze, but minimize the budgets associated with your marketing campaign. We can help you make the most of your  campaign while always reviewing your marketing budget.

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Tell us all about your business and we’ll put together some great account planning ideas for you. We’ll give you a detailed proposal based on your individual business needs and suggest the right initiatives for your business account planning needs.

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