CASE STUDY: Eventbrite vs. EventSpot – service fee breakdown

So you’re running an event and you want to know how to keep your expenses down. Here’s a quick case study showing the difference between Eventbrite and EventSpot and how you can save money running your next event:

In this example we’ll use the scenario of a golf tournament – lets assume there are 18 holes on the golf course x 4 golfers per hole. This is a pretty conservative estimate since many golf tournaments have two foursomes for each hole with a shotgun start.

Let’s also assume each golfer pays $200 per ticket that makes a total of $14,000.00 revenue generated from this tournament.

Now, let’s compare the cost of the 2 services:


1. Eventbrite - charges a fee of 2.5% + $0.99 per ticket

Total Cost: $427.68


2. EventSpot – does not charge per transaction, just a monthly fee of $20.00 (let’s assume the event is promoted for 3 consecutive months).

Total Cost: $60.00


The difference is clear. Using EventSpot to manage your events is not only easy but will save you a lot of money!


For more information on EventSpot and to set up a free trial please contact us directly or click here for a free trial.

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