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It all starts with a great idea; now all you have to do is turn that idea into something that is creative and professional. You may be tempted to make your logo complex, creative, artsy and colourful, but first start off by thinking about what kind of image you want to reveal to your prospective clients. Who is your ideal target market? After carefully visualizing who your ideal client is, your end result should be a professional logo that clearly identifies your company and the product or services that you offer.

For example, a business owner who is a financial advisor will want to portray an image that conveys trust, knowledge, growth and most importantly security. These important characteristics can be evoked through techniques such as using the right colour, style, shape, typeface, and balance. Therefore, the logo could include dark colours, strong shapes and bold font selection. Ideally, the business owner will want a logo that clearly identifies their services while minimizing uncertainty for the potential client.

I’ve always maintained the simpler the design, the better. If there is one application in which this is true, it is for your logo. Your logo must be simple enough to effectively communicate who you are and what you do while leaving little question or confusion to your clientele. However it can’t be simple to the extreme where your logo is merely a common shape beside your company name. If your logo is too simple it may resemble logos of other companies out there, including your competition. After all, the goal of a professional logo is to differentiate yourself from your competition to become recognized as a leader in your specific industry.

As a final thought, I’ll leave you with a thought from a great marketing legend:

You now have to decide what ‘image‘ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.
-David Ogilvy

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