Introducing New Newsletter Contacts

This is a follow-up post to our last post, 7 Benefits of Email Marketing. For those that are familiar with the advantages of using email marketing, this post should help you focus on new users who signup to your newsletter. As such, in order to implement this specific strategy, you should already be using an email marketing platform such as Constant Contact.

First let’s establish that this strategy is ideal for anyone who has already implemented an email marketing strategy with a signup form on your website.

The most common practice is to add a newsletter signup code on your website, often on the home page. When someone is interested in receiving your newsletter they’ll of course enter their name and email – but then what? They get added to your newsletter list, of course. But, which list? Often times you’ll add them to your general newsletter list.

A great strategy is to create a new category of contacts specifically for first-time recipients of your newsletter. By doing this, you’ll be able to include specific messaging about your newsletter and establish a rapport with your new subscribers. You may want to let them know how often they can expect the newsletter and what kind of content will be included. You may also want to include your own personal or company bio to better connect them to your brand.

So when sending your newsletter, you’ll want to send one to your new list and another to your existing main list. Once that is done, all you have to do is merge the contacts from your new list into your existing list. Then, until the time of your next newsletter send, just let your new list accumulate again with a whole new set of contacts and repeat the process all over again!

This strategy is a great way to build rapport with new email marketing subscribers.

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