Looking Beyond Email Open Rates


A well-planned email marketing strategy can help you efficiently and effectively get your message out to your network of contacts. A clear, concise message with nice visuals is sure to keep you top of mind for prospective clients.

Now if only everyone opened that email! Email open rates are never 100% – so why do people get so frustrated when the results come in? While it’s certainly important to keep an eye on your open rate, I believe that you have to look beyond open rates to really see the true reach of your email.

With vast networks of social media today, an email can be easily shared to friends, followers and fans alike. Extracting a URL for your email is quite easy – and probably just a matter of a quick copy & paste. Sharing this URL across various social networks will expand your true reach of that email.


Here are our top 7 ways you can give people access to your email newsletter:


1. Website

2. Blog

3. Twitter

4. Facebook

5. LinkedIn

6. Pinterest

7. Email Signature


So, while I believe it’s important to ensure a healthy open rate for email, I encourage you to look beyond that number. Be aware of social media sharing when running your email marketing campaign and always be sure to share that email URL whenever possible.


-Vito Marchese

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