Build brand awareness, drive sales & grow your business with out-of-home media

For out-of-home campaigns, we work with our partners at RCC Media Inc. – a group of highly skilled, service-oriented advertising professionals who specialize in knowing the out-of-home market better than anyone. Founded in 1999,, RCC Media is one of Canada’s premiere outdoor media companies with an inventory that directly services the changing needs of today’s advertisers.

Billboard Posters

Advertise 24 hours a day with front or rear illuminated Billboard Posters. With high visibility and a larger-than-life presence, it is one of the most popular advertising choices to date. Billboard Posters allow your advertising message to be seen from great distances and at night.


  • Available in 10′ x 20′ – 12′ x 25′ – 12′ x 16′ formats
  • Great ability to geo-target – targeting specific site locations
  • An advertising medium with a strong presence that never sleeps
  • Great site line visibility

Bridge Banners

This larger-than-life format offers plenty of room for creative messaging and an opportunity to have a continuous presence in the marketplace with direct unobstructed visibility. This medium provides both bridge beautification and added value for both advertisers and the city.


  • Exclusive head-on impact with perpendicular site lines from vehicles
  • Generate excitement
  • Receive exposure every day of the month
  • Excellent viewership from a far distance
  • Exclusive coverage

Gardiner Spectaculars

The word says it all! These larger-than-life mediums are spectacular in the way they grab and hold consumers’ attention. Located on routes with very high traffic arteries, spectaculars and superboards are designed for the long-term impactful messaging that builds strong brands.


  • Various sizes according to market and location
  • A strong presence in a particular market
  • The largest free standing structure available in outdoor advertising
  • Huge impact from far distances
  • Allows for flexible designs (moving parts or extensions)

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We’ll help you plan a campaign by asking the right questions to better understand your business. We’ll then make suggestions based on location, traffic counts and an program duration. Our goal is to ensure you get a positive return on investment to help you grow your business.

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