Pre-Press is the process of setting up your project to ensure the best print quality possible.

This requires not only the latest advances in hardware and software but also the technical expertise that comes from years of experience in print production.

We offer all of our clients fully integrated Pre-Press services while utilizing the latest in electronic pre-press equipment and software.

Our list of Pre-Press services include:

Type Setting involves the presentation of letters and textual material in graphic form. This often involves ensuring that all fonts are converted to outlines to preserve graphical integrity.

Copy Editing is the work required to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text required for print.

High-Resolution artwork is necessary to avoid blurry or distorted images and ensure the best possible image quality.

Colour Format can be either CMYK or RGB. Having your colours set up in CMYK format is mandatory for proper printing.

Separation ensure that colours are not touching or overlapping and avoids distorted images.

Crop Marks are necessary to ensure all trimming is completed while minimizing any margins of error.

Bleed Area is required for any artwork that needs to be placed right on the edge of your paper.

Proofing is an essential part of reviewing and approving the final artwork before proceeding to print.

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