Style Guides

A style guide will ensure your brand always maintains its consistency

A style guide is a blueprint of how your brand should be used in any marketing application possible. We’ll help you create a set of rules to ensure your company image stays consistent in the various types of marketing that you do. Whether you’re executing in print or digital you’ll want to ensure your branding is kept consistent each and every time.

Benefits of having a style guide for your brand:

Colour Consistency

We’ll set up and make clear which colours are to be used in various print and web applications. For example, having your logo set up in both CMYK and RGB formats is extremely important but a step that is often overlooked in business. After all, the last thing you want is your blue logo appearing purple when printed.

Spatial Requirements

We’ll ensure your logo has set rules to ensure it always has ample space when used in print or web applications. Your logo should never look stretched or disproportionate at any time. After all, we believe a great logo deserves a little wiggle room.

Resolution Quality

We’ll provide rules for usage of various file types for both print and web applications. Having your logo setup in high-resolution raster as well as vector formats will help lay the foundation for great quality. This will ensure you’ll always have the clearest logo possible.

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