The Difference Between Raster Graphics & Vector Graphics


Graphic files can take on many different shapes, sizes and formats. So, why is it that some logos can look crisp and clear and others may look blurry and pixilated. We’ve answered that question below and given you a brief explanation on the main difference between raster graphics and vector graphics.


Vector Graphics

Vector-based designs produce the most clear and precise graphics possible. They use mathematically-defined areas to produce shapes, lines and curves. These graphic formats are created by using professional graphic design programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

The Advantages – Vectors produce the most clear and precise graphics possible for your company brand.

The Disadvantages – They can only be created and edited with professional design software which requires advanced knowledge and software can become costly.

Common File Types: .eps, .ai, .cdr


Raster Graphics

Raster-based graphics are often used to create your everyday-style of graphics. These graphics are created using a series of coloured pixels. Raster graphics can be created and edited with simple graphic programs such as Microsoft Paint, and others.


The Advantages – Raster files are easy to use, often have low file sizes, and can be edited by using common photo-editing programs.

The Disadvantages – It can be difficult to use raster files when creating high-quality print material, especially for large signage projects

Common File Types: .psd, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .gif


Application Examples:

Vector Application Examples: Large-format signage, vehicle wraps, window graphics, vinyl lettering, etc

Raster Graphic Examples: Stationery Printing, Catalogues, Flyers, Postcards, etc


The Takeaway

While it may seem ideal to have your logo format to be a vector, the optimal solution is to have a logo in various formats. Having a logo setup with the proper formats from the beginning¬† will ensure your brand stays consistent with your company’s marketing initiatives.




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